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( Nov. 12th, 2020 09:39 pm)

This journal is F/O. My real life is boring as sin but it is here to read about if interested. Please see my profile for my list of shows and movies I am interested in and watch. If we have some interests, then please comment here and friend me. I will not friend you back without a comment here or seeing a couple of common interests.

Also I have a Twilight filter for friends who like Twilight or are Twilight obsessed.  If you ask to be added and are one of the 2 and want to be added to my Twilight filter, please let me know, otherwise I won't put you there and you won't get my Twilight updates.

ETA:  Ok, what part of "without a comment, I won't add you back" do people not get.  I am getting too many people adding me with no comment.  I want to know where you people are finding me from.  U need to read this and my profile and see that I am 38 and old and why would young people (16 and younger) want to friend me.  I need to know WHY and WHERE and such.  Please, just drop me a line.

Also I ship Jacob/Nessie. Just so everyone knows.  If this bothers you or you're a Jacob hater or you can't handle me shipping them or something, please don't friend me.

I will also not friend you back just by saying 'add me'. You need to say more than that. Name, age, interests, etc works for me. And if I add you, please add me back. I like the mutual friends thing.

My journal is 16+ as well.  Prefer 18+ but I will add 16 and 17 year olds if enough in common.

I changed my F/O banner again. *raises eyes*  I credit [profile] ale_skyz   for use of it.  Twilight again.

Currently very selectively adding


cifan70: made by <lj user="weber_dubois22"> (Default)

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