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([personal profile] cifan70 Jan. 22nd, 2009 05:37 pm)
I did a small friends cut.  I felt that either...

1) We weren't connecting in some way or would not connect in the future.
2) There has been no journal updating in some time or no journal at all
3) There has been no commenting from you OR me on each others journals.

This being said, I felt that this had to be done.

Could the following people please remove me from your f-list?  Thanks.

[ profile] andie519 
[ profile] auds_twihardd 
[ profile] ayashalovex 
[ profile] believeinitt 
[ profile] cathexis_miscue 
[ profile] cbrand10 
[ profile] ginny1987 
[ profile] hiding_place12 
[ profile] iamlost415 
[ profile] ineonox 
[ profile] j_miriam 
[profile] jamesnestor 
[profile] light_travel 
[profile] lillyavocado 
[profile] lilykakes 
[profile] maddyt2005 
[profile] mariaxinhahh 
[profile] misslux92 
[profile] pamiriver 
[profile] seker1 
[profile] vittorianickj 
[profile] wondergirlsmn 


ETA: Damn LJ cut don't wanna work.  I give up.

From: [identity profile]

I'm not on there!
I saw misslux or something and I thought it was me. i was like, noo!

From: [identity profile]

Nope you're fine. You're way too new to cut this soon.

Oops shouldn't say that. I cut someone new but there was a reason.

From: [identity profile]

I do know what you mean, so that is why I haven't really done those friending memes. I have noticed that the more people you friend the LONGER your Flist page is, so it takes a while for you to get through one day of posts.

I have also noticed that you can unfriend them, then they will be on your front page, BUT I don't think they can see friends only posts because technically they aren't your friend. If that makes any sense.

The only times I don't post on my LJ is when I am on vacation or massively sick and when I am sick (not massively) I still post. I feel the need to be on the computer. What about you?

From: [identity profile]

The people I cut were not from friending memes. They were either ramdomly adding me and I didn't add them back or they commented in my F/O journal and wanted to be added and I did and then they didn't say no more.

I made this post so everyone could see it then changed it back to a friends post from here on out. This post though is an everyone post.

I am always here except when I am massively sick or not here.


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