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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 05:37 pm)
I did a small friends cut.  I felt that either...

1) We weren't connecting in some way or would not connect in the future.
2) There has been no journal updating in some time or no journal at all
3) There has been no commenting from you OR me on each others journals.

This being said, I felt that this had to be done.

Could the following people please remove me from your f-list?  Thanks.

here ya are ) 
[profile] krysel2003 
[profile] light_travel 
[profile] lillyavocado 
[profile] lilykakes 
[profile] maddyt2005 
[profile] mariaxinhahh 
[profile] misslux92 
[profile] pamiriver 
[profile] seker1 
[profile] vittorianickj 
[profile] wondergirlsmn 


ETA: Damn LJ cut don't wanna work.  I give up.

Welcome more new friends.  Yes friending meme again. *blush*  Let me welcome [ profile] love_decoded  [ profile] christina_kat  [ profile] fee_allemande and [ profile] kay18jay .  I am sure we'll all get along great and learn  so much about each other.

However, I did make a small friends cut.  I did this because I thought a few of us were not compatible or were not commenting on one another's journals or journals were not updated.  It was one of the 3.  Probably more cuts coming in the coming months.

On another note, I saw something that made me happy.  Jerry O'Connell who played Woody on Crossing Jordan became a daddy.  He is showing his age too.  Does that mean I am getting old?  Gheesh.  See the article.



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