Did you ever have one of those days where you wanted to throw your computer out the window? Not my laptop but my work computer. Today I did. The computers at work just didn't want to work right. I just wish they would have sent us home but they couldn't do that. I had to suffer thru it.

11 days til Twilight. Yay. Well 2 weeks for me. I won't go on opening day or over the weekend due to phobias I have. I will probably go the Monday after it opens if I have the money.

I am almost finished with Breaking Dawn. I am at a huuuuuge twist or what I think is a huge twist. If what I think happens to Jacob actually happens, I think I will be happy. I am enjoying the book and the entire series. I have been very shocked so far. Never saw some of this coming. I will have to read the entire series again. I loooove it.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yendrie and our long discussion, I think I am gonna go watch some X-Files episodes. I miss them. Watched some over the weekend but not the ones we talked about. ;)

New episodes on all shows this week. Yay.
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